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The BIS Compact Door is at the cutting edge of industrial door design.  Its unique patented rail system, which allows the insulated door panels to stack neatly above the opening, minimises the footprint in the building usually left by a conventional sectional overhead door. compact doors southeast
The Compact door is an excellent alternative to roller shutters and overhead doors. The Compact door is a sectional door which needs no intrusive overhead support rails to be attached to the roof structure. Compact doors comply with the highest European standards and safety regulations and the door is safe and easy to use. Because there are no counter-balancing springs, the Compact industrial door is quiet and requires the minimum level of maintenance. compact doors south east
Distributed all across Europe, companies and institutions taking advantage of the benefits of Compact door include McLaren Formula 1 team in England, Airbus in France, the pit boxes at the TT circuit, The Ministry of Defence, The Frische Zentrum in Frankfurt. Germany also chose the unique folding system and many emergency services including fire, ambulance and police stations have opted for our concept. compact doors UK
The Compact industrial door is an interesting option for any company and can also offer you the benefits you are looking for. Do you have a crane gantry or want more natural daylight inside your building? Do you need extra space for storage or a loading platform? Contact a member of our sales team and make the most of the benefits the system has to offer. compact doors london

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